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Behringer’s FC Series portable filter carts are an easy and
economic way to bring portable filtration to areas where you
need it most. Our portable filter carts can be used to filter and
transfer new oil from drums or storage tanks into system
reservoirs. It is also used to condition already in-service fluids
as a supplemental filtration source. For this reason, it is used by
many fleet owners to condition the hydraulic and lubrication
oils of their fleet equipment. Behringer offers a multitude of
retention rates for particulate removal and also a water-removal
filter element for systems with water contamination. The inseries
flow path of the filter housings creates a true 2-stage
filtration unit capable of stepping down filtration which leads to
prolonged oil service and filter element life.Behringer’s FC Series portable filter carts are an easy and
Materials of Construction:
Assembly Frame: Painted Steel & Aluminum
Filter Assembly: Aluminum head, Steel canister,
Pump, Bronze Stainless internals
Operating Temperature:
-40°F to 150°F with Buna
-15°F to 200°F with VitonSpecifications
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Behringer FC Series Portable Filter Carts
FC Series Portable Filter Cart
For Hydraulic and Lube Oils
Features and Benefits
Industrial Filtration Division
•Filtering fluids while transferring to reservoirs
•Conditioning already in-service fluids to prolong fluid life
•Removing water contamination (free water) in systems
•Supplemental filtration in systems where additional filtration
may be required at times
•Servicing fleet equipment