BF8R Series Intank Return Filters



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Item Information:

Intank Return Line Filters.

Flows to 300 gpm (Return) 

Port Sizes: 

  • 2" NPT F          
  • 2" (4) Bolt Flange
  • 2 1/2" (4) Bolt Flange
  • 3" (4) Bolt Flange



Installation:          Weld or Bolt to Reservoir.
                             In-Line, External
Pressure:             300 PSI Max. Operating Pressure
                            Warning: 80 psi Δp max. without bypass valve
Temperature:       Up to 250° F Operating.
Application:          Petroleum based fluids only.
                            Consult factory for synthetic fluids.


  • Standard:  100 Mesh stainless steel wire cloth is standard for filter elements WE-509-100, WE-509-100R, WE-518-100 & WE-518-100R. Optional: 30, 60 & 200 Mesh wire cloth.
  • Filter elements WE-518-3AZ & WE-518-10AZ contain "Aqua-Zorbtm"  (water absorbing) filter media.  




Average pressure drop through clean assembly with 150 SUS oil at 105° F


5 3/8" Diameter Mounting Hole Required

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 100 psi

                 Warning: 80 psi Δp max. without bypass valve infilter head.

  • Operating Temperatures: -65° to +250° F.
  • Suitable for petroleum based fluids only.

                 Consult factory for synthetic fluids.

  • Filter housing mounting bolt pattern matches

                 Schroeder ST, RT & LRT series housings.

  • BF4R series housings are gully compatible with 

                 Schroeder K series elements.