BFTX Tank-Immersed Return Line Filters



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Tank Immersed Return Line Hydraulic Filter Assemblies. 

Flows to 475 gpm (1800 l/min).

Port Sizes to 4”.

  • Heavy duty cast aluminum alloy head and cover is rugged and robust.
  • Single or dual inlet ports available.
  • Optional accessories include gauge indicator, electrical indicator, differential pressure indicator, diffuser, and magnetic core.
  • Inside-to-outside flow direction ensures that contamination is trapped in the filter element and also allows for easy reservoir filling or topping-off through the filter element.

Recommended Operating Condtions  

Type:                                Tank Immersed Return Line Filter

Flow Rate:                        up to 475 gpm (1800 lpm)

Temperature Range*1      -10°F to 230°F (-25°C to 110°C)

Bypass Valve:                   22 psid (1.5 bar) ± 10%

Max Working Pressure:    145 psi (10 bar)

Test Pressure:                   215 psi (15 bar)

Burst Pressure:                 435 psi (30 bar)





Materials of Construction  

Head and Cover:      Aluminum alloy

Diffuser:                    Zinc plated steel material

Element Support:      Polyamide material

                                  (aluminium alloy for BFTX3 and BFTX4)

Magnetic core:           Synthetic Magnetic Material

Indicator Housing:     Brass Material

Seals:                        NBR Nitrile (Standard)

                                  FKM Viton (on request)

Fluid Compatibility  

Compatible Fluids:     HH-HL-HM-HV-HTG (ISO 6743/4)

Other Fluids:              Contact Behringer for support



 Filter Sizing
When sizing the filter, you must take into consideration both the initial pressure drop (Δp) of the complete filter assembly (filter housing plus the filter element), as well as the fluid velocity through the filter. In return lines, it is recommended that the velocity be in the range of 5 - 13.5 ft/sec. (1.5 - 4 m/sec).
The charts below outlines the optimal fluid velocity by connection size.


Flow Curves BFTX1


Flow Curves BFTX2

Flow Curves BFTX3

Flow Curves BFTX4
Dimensions BFTX1

Dimensions BFTX2

Dimensions BFTX3

Dimensions BFTX4

Spare Parts and Options
Contamination Indicators


Rear Mount Gauge Electric Pressure Switch Visual Differential Electrical Differential
Electrical Differential
With Thermal Lockout
The connection for the contamination indicator is on the back side of the dial. This is an electrical SPDT pressure switch. The visual indicator is tripped by differential pressure. Set point is 20 psid (1.3 bar). Differential pressure SPDT switch. Set point is 20 psid (1.3 bar). Available with or without LED (24V) for visual indication. Differential pressure SPDT switch. 20 psid (1.3 bar). Thermostat locks out signals under 86 deg. F. (30 deg. C.)
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