Saddle Series Pipe Clamps



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Range: 0.84 in. (21 mm) through 30 in. (762 mm)
U-Bolt Material:Zinc Plated, 304SS, 316SS, Plain Carbon Steel
Saddle Material: Polypropylene, UHMW

The Saddle Series pipe clamps consist of a heavy duty plastic saddle, and a U-bolt with 4 hex nuts. The saddle series allows for movement due to vibrations and thermal expansion and contraction. The plastic saddle eliminates the metal-to-metal contact of the piping from the support structure, preventing costly damage to pipe installations. Behringer’s Saddle Series clamps are typically used in shipbuilding, offshore and marine vessels, chemical plants, or where ever large diameter, low pressure piping is installed. Behringer’s saddle clamps are available in 2 different designs; Long Saddle and Short Saddle. The Long Saddle (shown above) extends past the u-bolt legs and has holes for the legs to be inserted into. The Short Saddle does not extend to the u-bolts and sits on the support structure or is held in place with location nipples.

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