Oil Mist Separator Unit LGA 600 FUW

Filtration Group


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High performance oil mist separator unit for separation of coolant from tooling machine exhaust air.  Nominal volume flow 600 m3/h.






  • Compact design








  • High oil mist load capacity








  • Excellent retention rates








  • Quality filters, easy to service








  • Equipped with high-efficient coalescer elements








  • High dirt holding and optimized service life








  • Modular design for direct installation of main components onto tooling machines








  • Pre-separation system for optimized service life








  • Worldwide distribution


    Fractional Collection Efficiency 3. Operating Principle

    x = Particle size in µm
    y = Fractional retention rate in %

    Aerosol: Wiolan SH 10
    Raw gas concentration: 50 mg/m3
    Volume flow: 600 m3/h

    1 = Filter cartridge as delivered
    2 = Filter cartridge after 100 operating hours

    Oil aerosols are sucked away from the machining space of machine tools. The oil-laden air flows outward through the coalescer element from the inside. The oil attaches itself to the fibre media as it passes through the filter. Minute oil droplets "coalesce" to form larger drops. These larger droplets migrate downwards on the coalescer element due to gravity. The oil accumulates at the bottom of the housing and is returned to the cooling lubricant storage reservoir via the oil drain hose and the membrane valve. The vacuum in the filter housing causes external air to be sealed off by the membrane valve. The valve opens automatically when the oil in the drain hose reaches a height of at least 500 mm. The cleaned airflow is sucked away by means of a high-pressure fan and blown out at the top through a silencer.

    4. Application 5. Product information
    Suitable for non-water-miscible cooling lubricants (cutting oil, grinding oil, drilling oil) and oil aerosol exhausted by machine tools and also for water-miscible cooling lubricants.

    Operating limits

    If oil is used as cooling lubricant for machining processes, air usually has to be sucked away from the working area to prevent the atomized oil from dispersing. The concentrations that often occur in the cooling lubricant jet or in the machine room could result in ignition in case of tool breakage, for example. If the machining process involves flammable cooling lubricants or flammable materials, safe operation must be ensured by providing suitable fire and explosion protection devices in conformance with statutory regulations.

    LGA 600 F
    The LGA 600 FUW is a filtering separator with optional pre-separation.
    It is driven by a frequency controlled motor. A volumetric flowrate sensor supplies the actual value required to obtain a constant volume flow of 600 m3/h. If this value falls below the setpoint, an electrical signal is output at approximately 450 m3/h. These signals can be evaluated to enable suitable maintenance action to be taken.
    Installation in potentially explosive atmosphere (Zones 0, 1 and 2) is not permitted!
    6. Order Numbers
    7. Modules/Main Components
    1 Membrane valve (2x)
    2 Oil hose (2x)
    3 Air inlet nozzle
    4 Oil drain nozzle (2x)
    5 Pre-separation element
    6 Coalescer element
    7 Housing
    8 Filter housing
    9 Eyebolt for transport
    10 Fan
    11 Electric motor
    12 Air outlet nozzle
    13 Silencer
    14 Connection port
    15 Volume flow display
    16 Frequency converter
    17 Volumetric flowrate sensor
    18 Mounting base plate
    8. Technical Data
    9. Dimensions
    10. Installation 11. Spare parts and accessories