Fluid Sampling And Adapter Kit for PiC 9100 and PiC 9300

Filtration Group


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The fluid sampling kit enables the correct sampling of fluids from a hydraulic system for subsequent analysis in a laboratory. The kit contains glas-sampling bottles cleaned according DIN-ISO 5884 and the necessary accessories for taking a correct fluid sample.

Furthermore the kit contains all important adapters to connect the contamination measurement device PiC 9100 to a hydraulic system.


  • Sampling of hydraulic fluids by means of measurement connections M16x2 (Minimess)
  • Sampling on all MAHLE inline filters by means of screw-in adaptors into the maintenance indicator cavity.
  • Sampling of fluid before and after the filter element
  • Sampling from hydraulic tanks by means of a vacuum hand pump
  • Adapters to connect the contamination measurement device PiC 9100 and PiC 9300 to MAHLE inline filters and measurement connections M16x2 (Minimess)
Type Order number
Fluid sampling and adapter kit, complete 79392994
Spare sampling bottles, cleaned, break-proof packed (5 pcs) 77875065