Coreless Filter Elements



Item Information:

Cartridge elements interchangeable with various coreless designs
Polymer end caps
Micron ratings 1, 3, 6, 12, 25 Absolute
BETA X = 200, BETA X[c] = 1000
Gradient density glass fiber media
All elements are rated by the new dynamic filter effeciency test method (DFE) which incorporates variable flow and vibration conditions.

Key Benefits Over Competitor's Design:
  1. Special synthetic end cap does not distort or change shape caused by water absorption. This allows for easy removal of cartridge from center post, and maintains integrity of seals.
  2. Media support screen is wire mesh and not polymer mesh. This offers two advantages:
      a. Wire mesh helps discharge static charges that would accumulate on non-conductive, polymer mesh. If not discharged properly, electric arc can occur through media creating holes that compromise filter efficiency
      b. Wire mesh has greater chemical resistance than polymer mesh, especially when faced with the effects of heat and water in fluid. Polymer mesh can swell in the presence of water, and extrude when temperatures are elevated. Such changes can dismantle the support structure of the media, and make element removal difficult.

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