Resin Bonded Cartridges



Item Information:

Resin Bonded filter cartridges are manufactured using phenolic resin-impregnated media made from extra-long acrylic and polyester fibers. They are an economical and disposable element. No silicone is used in the manufacturing process. The media is manufactured with a two-stage filtration design to maximize particle removal and service life in viscous fluid filtration applications. This media has an outer pre-filtration layer that catches larger particles. Then inner layer is rated at the particular micron size, and gradually becomes tighter towards the inner diameter of the cartridge. This creates a strictly regimented, rigid element, with open surfaces on the outer diameter and rated micron sizes towards the internal diameter. Because of this graded density media, Behringer resin bonded cartridges have higher dirt-holding capacities than competitor brands, resulting in higher flow rates with minimal resistance. This yields a cartridge that is an excellent choice for high viscosity fluids, or large flow rates. All Behringer resin bonded cartridges are offered in a grooved design that offers a higher surface area, resulting in even higher dirt-holding capacities, as well as 2 different efficiencies, nominal or absolute. Detailed information can be found in our literature.

Cartridge Series Description / Materials Filtration Efficiency Diameter
EcoBond Nominal rated resin bonded media(economy grade) Economy 2.5 in. Stnd.
ProBond Nominal rated resin bonded media Nominal 2.5 in. Stnd.