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Behringer offers many different series and within each series there are many different configurations available.
We offer options for mounting such as welding, bolting, rail and strut mounting, double and group mounting, etc. Browse or search our wide selection of options.

Hangers & Clamps

Behringer Pipe and Tube Supports have natural vibration dampening characteristices and are available in a wide range of sizes.

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Filter Assemblies

Modular range of proven filters from pressure filters, duplex filters, bypass filters, suction filters, return-line filters and more.

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Filter Elements

Interchangeable filter element cartridges and bag filters for hydraulic, compressed air, dust collection, and liquid process filtration.

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High to Low Pressure Hydraulic Ball Valves rated up to 7000 PSI in your standard 2 Way, Multi Way, 3 Piece Valves, Manifold Mount, Check Valves, Needle Valves, and Flow Control, all with lock-out capabilities.

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Custom Product Solutions

Behringer always welcomes a challenge, and would be happy to work with you to design a product that is custom-tailored to your application. This is where many of our developments are first generated, and helps to further progress the complexity of our products. Challenge us with your requirements.