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Telescopic Base Stand
The Telescopic Adjusting Round Floor Mount Stand allows the housing’s rod elevation to be adjusted up to 2” from the base plate’s surface. The rod attached to the housing slides inside the base plate’s elevation adjustment tube. This fine tune adjustment allows the installer to quickly change the support’s elevation to match the tube’s distance from the floor. The base plate can be supplied with or without anchor bolt holes. Anchor bolts not supplied by Behringer.
Base Plate Sizing:: RSP1 & RSP2 - 0.25” to 2.00” OD tube & pipe sizes
RSP3 & RSP4 - 2.05” to 4.50” OD tube & pipe sizes
RSP5 & RSP6 - 5.08” to 6.00” OD tube & pipe sizes
Hardware Material:: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel & zinc plated
Finish: Mill = Fabricated steel and welds are a mill finish
Buff = Fabricated steel and welds are buffed to remove splatter
BLND = Fabricated steel is polished and welds are blended
Special finishes and painted stanchions are available, call Behringer