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Duplex-Tank Top Return Line Filter Pi 5100
Nominal size 40 up to 1000 according DIN 24550
1. Features
High performance filters for modern hydraulic systems
  • Provided for tank top installation
  • Modular system
  • Compact design
  • Minimal pressure drop through optimal flow design
  • Visual/electronic/electronical maintenance indicator
  • Threaded and flanged connections
  • Quality filters, easy to service
  • Equipped with highly efficient glass fibre Sm-x/PS filter elements
  • Beta rated elements according to ISO 16889 multipass test
  • Elements with high differential pressure stability and dirt holding capacity
  • Worldwide distribution
2. Flow rate/pressure drop curve complete filter
see data sheet PI 5000
3. Separation grade characteristics 4. Filter performance data

x=particle size µm}

determined by multipass tests (ISO 16889)
calibration according to ISO 11171 (NIST)

tested according to ISO 16889 (multipass test)

Sm-x/PS Elements with
max.Δ p 10 bar

Sm-x  3  5(c)  ≥200
Sm-x  6  7(c)  ≥200
Sm-x  10  10(c)  ≥200
Sm-x  16  15(c)  ≥200
Sm-x  25  20(c)  ≥200

values guaranteed up to
5 bar differential pressure

5. Quality assurance
MAHLE filters and filter elements are produced according to the following international standards:
6. Symbols
see data sheet Pi 5000
7. Order Numbers
8. Technical specifications
see data sheet Pi 5000
9. Dimensions
*B= Minimum clearance for filter element removal
* 90= Pivoting range
10. Installation, operating and maintenance instructions
see data sheet Pi 5000
11. Spare parts list
see data sheet Pi 5000