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Suction Filter Pi 1710 - Nominal size up to 480
1. Features
Pumps incorporated in hydraulic systems must be protected from coarse containments which when not removed by any other filtering devices may gain access to tank.

MAHLE suction filters, series Pi 1710, stand out for their rugged construction and large filter surface area.

The filter surface is dimensioned to ensure long life at the proper corresponding flow rate.
The installation should be ahead of the pump in the tank for optimal protection.

The standard filter material is a 100 µm stainless steal wire mesh.

  • Rugged construction
  • Large filtering surface area
  • Worldwide distribution
2. Flow rate/pressure drop curve complete filter
3. Order Numbers
4. Technical specifications
Flow capacity: 10 to 480 l/min at 33 mm 2/s
viscosity and 0.1 bar Δ p
Temperature range: -10 C to +120 C
Degree of filtration: 100 µ m
Other ratings:: on request
Material of connecting port + endcap: PA 6 GF 30
Material of end cap: galvanized steel
Material of inner tube: galvanized steel
Material of wire mesh: stainless steel 1.4301
We draw attention to the fact that all values indicated are average values which do not always occur in specific cases of applications. Our products are continually being further developed. Values, dimensions and weights can change as a result of this. Our specialized department will be pleased to offer you advice.

We recommend you to contact us concerning applications of our filters in areas governed by the EU Directive 94/9 EG (ATEX 95).

The standard version can be used for liquids based on mineral oil (corresponding to the fluids in Group 2 of Directive 97/23 EC Article 9). If you are planning to use other fluids please contact us for additional support.

Subject to technical alteration.

5. Dimensions
6. Cleaning methods
a) Ultrasonic cleaning
Insert the contaminated suction filter element into an ultrasonic bath for approximately 3 minutes, then rinse in clean liquid. Afterward, blow air into the filter from the clean side outward.
The cleaning effect is approximately 80-90 %.

b) Manual cleaning
1. Remove coarse external contamination in a seperate cleaning tank using a brush and cleaning agent.
2. Place filter in unused cleaning liquid (approximately 20 minutes).
3. Wash filter with cleaning liquid from the inside to the outside. The cleaning effect is approximately 60-70 %.

Using either method be sure that no dirt is washed on the inside of the element.