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Air Breather Filter Pi 0101 - Pi0185
1. Features
The Pi 0101 through Pi 0126 breather filters have housings made of non-corrosive material.

The air intake is located in the upper section, this prevents surface dust to be drawn in from the tank top. The cover is designed to prevent entry of splash-water. The disposable, pleated elements can be replaced in a matter of seconds.

The Pi 0140 through Pi 0185 breather filters have a housing made of galvanized sheet metal. The built-in o-ring provides accurate sealing at the tank connection. With the choice of Mic or Sm-L elements the CETOP RP 98 H requirements are fullfilled. These specify the same filtration degree for the breather filter as the system filter utilizes.

Mol-elements prevent oil mist from emerging the tank. The oil mist coagulate, forming drops within the pleated coalescer layer, which are returned to the tank.

Filters are fixed by threads, clamps or flanges.

Air breather filter Pi 0101 - 0185 are offering the following features:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Compact design
  • Equipped with Mic, Sm-L and Mol elements
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Versatile mounting option: screwed, clamped or flanged
  • Versatile combination possibilities
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Pi 0101 Air Breather Filter
    2. Flow rate/pressure drop curve complete filter
    Pi 0101 Flow rate/pressure drop curve complete filter
    y=differential pressure Δp [bar]
    x=air flow rate Q [l/min]
    *ohne Gitter
    3. Filter Complete
    Pi0101 Filter Complete
    Pi0101 Filter Complete
    Pi0101 Filter Complete
    4. Technical specifications
    Mic 10 µm
    Sm-L 3 µm
    Mol oil mist
    Temperature range: -30 C to +100 C
      (other temperature ranges on request)
    Housing material:  
    Pi 0101 to Pi 0126 polyamide
    Pi 0140 to Pi 0142 galvanized sheet metal
    Pi 0145 to Pi 0149 polyamide
    Pi 0152 to Pi 0154 galvanized sheet metal
    Pi 0182 to Pi 0185 steel/Al
    Sealing material:  
    Pi 0126 rubberized cork
    Pi 0140 to Pi 0185 NBR
    Resistance: all hydraulic oils
    Other elements for HFA, HFC and HFD fluids on request.
    We draw attention to the fact that all values indicated are average values which do not always occur in specific cases of application. Our products are continually being further developed. Values, dimensions and weights can change as a result of this. Our specialized department would be pleased to offer you advice.

    We recommend you to contact us concerning applications of our filters in areas governed by the EU Directive 94/9 EC (ATEX 95). The standard version can be used for liquids based on mineral oil (corresponding to the fluids in Group 2 of Directive 97/23 EC Article 9). If you consider to use other fluids please contact us for additional support.

    Subject to technical alteration without prior notice.

    Pi 0101 Technical Specifications
    5. Dimensions
    Pi 0101 Dimensions
    6. Maintenance indicator
    The types Pi 0101 - 0185 may be equipped with a maintenance indicator for optimal filter element exploitation. They indicate when the filter element must be serviced and thus save unnecessary costs.

    Pi 0101 Maintenance Indicator

    6. Maintenance indicator 7. Filling adaptor
    • Integrated 3-step service indicator offers optimized filter element service life
    • Switching level 100 % at 50 mbar
    • Indication of 50 %, 75 %, 100 % of switching level by red gauge
    • Gauge self-locking, handy turning knob to lock
    Tank connection: flange acc. DIN 24557 part 2
    Material: Al anodized
    Sealing material: cork
    Fixing screws: 6 pcs M5x70 DIN 912
    (included in delivery)
    *1 Connection for vacuum indicator (G1/8)
    *2 Parts shown as dotted lines not included in delivery
    *3 Connection for filling coupling
    *4 Connection for extension pipe
    7. Filling adaptor
    Characteristics of filling adapter MD012 and MD019:
    • Robust adapter for filling with big cross-section for optimized filling
    • Coupling for filling with dust cap acc. delivery specifications of the automotive industry
    • Filling barrier integrated in the air breather
    • Cover with visual service indicator, 3-step, gauge, value self-locking
    • Versatile connecting options
    Fig. Pi 0125 - Pi 0145 UM MD012

    Fig. Pi 0125 - Pi 0145 UM MD019

    *1 Maintenance switch LTB 9 *1 Maintenance switch LTB 9
    *2 Dust cap 76319008 Walther MD-012-5-19 *2 Dust cap PVC, Walther LP-019-5-74-KU
    *3 Closing nipple *3 Clossing nippel, Walther MD-019-2-WR526-19-1VF
    *4 Steel ring *4 Flange pattern DIN 24557 D 73
    *5 Walther MD-012-2WR 526
    *6 Flange pattern DIN 24557 D 73
    *5 Optional: Extension pipe DIN 2391;
    Length acc. to costumer specification
    *7 Optional: Extension pipe DIN 2391;
    Length acc. to customer specification
    *6 On circumference
    *8 On circumference
    8. Accessories
    *1 Perforated disc
    *2 Valve disc
    *3 Float ball: Opening point, max. 0.15 bar
    Operating principle of spillage protection: Advantages of preloaded valve:
    The float ball (*3) is guided over the filling strainer. If the liquid level in the tank rises, the ball rises accordingly and closes the tank outlet by means of the valve disc (*2). The valve disc is flexibly loaded to prevent the permissible pressure inside the tank from being exceeded.
    • Pump support due to preloaded reservoir
    • Minimized air exchange with the contaminated/humid ambient
    • Reduced ingress of humidity into the hydraulic system