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Filter aggregate Pi 8300
Volume flow 110 and 220 l/min
1. Features
Compact, ready-to connect filter aggregate for modern hydraulic and lubrication systems
  • Rugged portable unit for quick and simple particle analysis on site
  • Simple menu-driven operation
  • Laser sensor with 12 channels for exact and reproducible results
  • Suitable for suction side- and pressure side operation
  • Integrated suction pump patented double pump system, viscosity and pressure independent flow control
  • Prior to each measurement automatic flushing of the gauge head
  • Adjustable measurring mode (single and cyclic measurements)
  • Long term measurements up to 330 hours
  • Memory bank for 1400 measurement values (up to 99 series)
  • Manual flush valve for quick internal hose flushing
  • Calibration according to ISO 11171: 1999 (NIST)
  • Analysis according to ISO 4406: 1999
  • Analysis according to ISO 4406: 1987; class 1 up to 24
  • Analysis according to NAS 1638; class 0 up to 24
  • Measuring range ISO 4402: 2 µm - 100 µm
  • Measuring range ISO 11171 4 µm - 50 µm
  • Indication of the absolute numbers of particles in all channels
  • Serial interface for further data processing via PC
  • Integrated printer
  • Threshold function contact for preset min. and max. classes
  • Built-in tank for measuring liquid
  • Timer
  • Definable measuring series
  • 2. Technical specifications 3. Technical manual
    Pressure connection: Measuring connection M16,
    max. 315 bar (Minimess)
    Suction connection: Screw connection 6 L,
    max. 10 bar (140 psi)
    Return line: Screw connection 6 L
    Pressure fluctuation: permissible
    Medium: hydraulic fluids, fuels, water,
    provided the fluid is
    optically homogenous
    Viscosity range: max. 500 mm2,
    on suction side max. 100 mm2/s
    Temperature range: Ambience: 0 to 50 °C;
    Fluid: 0 to 80 °C
    Sensor flow rate: 40 ml/min
    Flushing volume flow: 40 ml/min
    Measuring volume: 10 to 100 ml,
    adjustable (10 ml steps)
    Volume prior to counting: 10 to 50 ml,
    adjustable in (10 ml steps)
    Counting time: 15 s
    Cycling time: 1 to 99 min
    Sensor: Laser diode sensor
    Number of channels = 12: 2/>5/>15/>25/>50/>100 µm
    acc. ISO 4406: 1987 (extended)
    >4/>6/>14/>21/>38/>70 µm(c)
    acc. ISO 4406: 1999
    Indication acc. NAS 1638: 2-5/5-15/15-25/25-50/50-100 µm
    Measuring range NAS-classes: 0 to 12
    Indication acc. SAE AS 4059: >4/>6/>14/>21/>38/>70 µm(c)
    Measuring range acc. SAE classes: 000 to 12
    Tank volume: 0.75 l
    Indication acc. ISO 4406: 1999 >4/>6/>14 µm(c)
    Measuring range ISO classes: 1 to 24
    Calibration: acc. ISO 11171: 1999
    and ISO 4402 (ACFTD)
    Power supply: 115/ 230 VAC; 50/ 60 Hz;
    version with accumulator 12 VDC
    Dimensions: 400 x 240 x 380 mm
    Weight: approx. 12 kg
    Subject to technical alteration without prior notice.
    The portable particle counter PiC 9100 consists of a sensor with pump/volume regulation unit, particle counter with display, an integrated printer and tank. All systems are fitted in an aluminium case. The connections of suction, pressure and return line are fixed at the outer side of the case. For the electrical connection cables and hoses separate compartments are available.
    4. Software/Display
    The indication is effected by a LCD with 8 lines. Capability up to 99 series of measurements with max. 2700 measurement values. Analysis according ISO 4406: 1999 NAS 1638 SAE AS 4059 Printing output of number of particles and ISO/NAS classes.
    The indication of number of particles and the corresponding NAS/ISO classes are adjustable.
    Serial interface is availablel for data output
    For control purposes availability of threshold function contact for preadjustment of min. and max. ISO/NAS classes (potential free switchover contact).
    German/english software.
    5. Options
    Data transfer to notebook (graphic illustration) with "LOG and SHOW" software.
    Accumulator version for mobile use.
    Bottle sampling- and adapter-kit.