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Filter aggregate Pi 8300
Volume flow 110 and 220 l/min
1. Features
Compact, ready-to connect filter aggregate for modern hydraulic and lubrication systems
  • Low noise internal gear pump
  • Minimum loss of performance due to the high efficiency and the volume flow optimized design of parts
  • Integrated back pressure valve
  • Integrated pressure limitation valve, optional
  • Visual/electrical maintenance indicators, optional
  • Thermo valve, optional
  • Tube kit according to DIN EN 853, optional
  • Drain outlet clean side
  • Drain outlet dirt side
  • Equipped with highly efficient MAHLE Premium Select filter elements
  • Compact and weight optimised design
  • Variable mounting possibilities
  • Beta rated elements according to ISO 16889 multipass test
  • High dirt holding capacity due to the large filter surface
  • Defined cleanliness classes according to ISO 4406
  • Easy to service
  • Worldwide sales and service
  • 2. Mode of operation 3. Technical specifications
    The filter assembly consists of a filter block with an integrated electric motor, a gear pump, a filter housing and a filter element. With its double-bearing drive shaft design, the internal-gear pump is extremely quiet and virtually vibration-free, with excellent suction capacity and sophisticated mechanical- and volumetric efficiencies.

    The filter aggregate is fitted with a 2-step filter element with MAHLE Premium Select (PS) filter media. The first filtration stage consists a 10 µm fine filter and the second stage a 50 µm safety filter. Other degrees of filtration are available on request. All retention rates are according to ISO 16889.

    This filter assembly with MAHLE PS filter elements achieves an excellent cleanliness class up to 17/15/11 and even better according ISO 4406/1999. For monitoring the filter element, optional a differential pressure indicator is available. For customized requirements we offer a wide range of MAHLE differential pressure indicators with 1 or 2 setting-points, LED indicators, various types of contacts, analog outputs, temperature suppression and connecting plugs.

    The pump units are suitable for all mineral-oil-based hydraulic oils and lubricating oils.

    The standard scope of supply includes the complete unit with electric motor, internal-gear pump, filter housing and filter element.

    Units are available for prompt delivery.

    Type designation: Pi 83011 Pi 83022
    Volume flow: 55/110 l/min 110/220 l/min
    Nominal pressure: 25 bar (360 psi) 25 bar (360 psi)
    Test pressure: 40 bar (570 psi) 40 bar (570 psi)
    Temperature range: -40 to 120 C -40 to 120 C
    -40 to 248 F -40 to 248 F
    Bypass setting: 5 bar 5 bar
    Maintenance indicator setting: 3.5 bar 3.5 bar
    Connection suction side: G/SAE 2 G/SAE 2.5
    Connection pressure side: G/SAE 2 G/SAE 2.5
    Motor output: 2.0/7.5 kW 4.0/15.0 kW
    Revolutions: 715/1450 1/min 715/1450 1/min
    Voltage: 400 V AC/50 Hz 400 V AC/50 Hz
    Nominal current: 6.4/16.0 A 10.5/29.5 A
    Type of protection: IP54 IP54
    Viscosity range: 10 10,000 10 10,000
    mm2/s mm2/s
    Subject to technical alteration without prior notice.
    4. Filter elements
    5. Dimensions