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Behringer BMF Micro-Filtration Systems
Oil contamination attributes to 70% of all failure of Hydraulic Components. Silt particles the smallest particles under 3 micron cause most of this damage, by removing these contaminates your component life can be extended. In a normal hydraulic system alternating dynamic flow speed inhibits the achievement to a fine filtration level. Behringer's BMF unit is an offline portable or stationary self contained filtration unit, allowing for fine filtration (2 micron absolute) at a very low flow rate. This is done in a steady state flow situation which optimizes particulate retention. It is ideal for hydraulic systems with inadequate filtering capacity. The compact design allows for mounting directly near hydraulic reservoir. This unit is available for fluids of water glycol, water base fluids and phosphate esters. In addition, media is available for water removal in hydraulic fluids.

Motor/Choice Single Phase
wired at time of install
wired at time of install
1.6/.8 amps
Manifold/Choice Single or Dual
Aluminum-Zinc Aluminum
Max. Oil temp. 250 F
Viscosity Range 0-1600 SUS
Visual Indicator Pressure Gauge 0-200 PSI
Pump Gear
Flow rate 2.4 GPM
Test Point Threads 7/16-20 UNF, SAE4
Bypass 90 PSI
Inlet/Outlet Connection 1/2" JIC 37 Flare Connection
Weight BMF1-45;bs. BMF2-60lbs
Fluid Type Compatibility All Types