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Behringer Accessories
Behringer offers a wide variety of accessories to our line of filtration products. WE can offer gauges, indicators, suction strainers, tank diffusers, sight gauges, breathers, adapters, and custom products. Call Behringer to see if we can offer the accessory that you are looking for.
Suction Strainers and Diffusers
Our extensive line of suction strainers includes all stainless steel construction, steel construction, and nylon construction suction strainers in a multitude of mesh sizes. Bypasses can be incorporated into the unit in either 3 or 5 psi settings. In addition to the standard female suction strainers, we can also offer male connections, and tank-mounted suction strainers. We offer tank diffusers to eliminate terbulence in the reservoir. These units will slow down the return flow, thus eliminating aeration, foaming, noise, and turbulence.
Breathers and Breather Adapters
The first line of defense in system cleanliness is a tank breather. As the reservoir is constantly drained and filled by the system flow, a breather will protect against ingressed contamination from the surrounding environment. Our complete line of breather products includes standard and spin-on stlye breathers, breather adapters for tank mounting, and dessicant breathers to ensure that not only particulate, but also water contamination is stopped from entering your tank. Consult Behringer to determine the best breather for your application.
Custom Products
Because Behringer is a complete metal fabrication shop, we have capabilities to manufacture many special or custom items at the customer's request. Becuase of our ability to controll every facet of the fabrication and design process in-house, we can offer competitive prices in small minimum-run quantities. If you have a special application, let Behirnger handle the customization for you. Please contact Behringer with any custom application for more information.
Coming soon to Behringer - Hydraulic weld-on flanges. We will offer a complete line of standard flanges in SAE code 61 and SAE code 62 standards. Check back soon for more information.